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Ski Rental

Your complete equipment for your ski rental

Quality and stability

our base when we answer it to work. All the products that we develop should you finally give pleasure for many years.


Not only practical but also very stable and tasty!.


Our motto for our products: Fulfill your purpose!

The new drying system!

  • Available in different sizes

  • 1500 mm to accommodate 60 pairs of boots!

  • convection / ventilation and disinfection


The new drying car

ski system

ski keeping

If you want to present your top skis perfect, then a stand up Ski keeping system is just the thing for you!

Plug system B1

  • on wheels or rails with wheels for service
  • Available in 750 mm (only for service), 1500, 2000 or 2400 mm x 524 mm
  • ideal for all types of skis
  • powder coated and anodized parts guarantee a long life!
Bildergalerie: Der neue Steckwagen B1 – auch als Servicewagen




clip system

  • innovative: the new clip system the skis are clamped by their own weight
  • through the mounting angle of the ski is perfectly presented!
  • the car is accessible, from all sides, both sides of the system without effort are accessible
Bildergalerie: Clip-Servicewagen – erhältlich in 600 oder 1200 mm

suspension carriage

With the suspension system of Paroli many problems are solved simultaneously:

  • we save space
  • highly variable: We organize ski, snow blades, children's skis, snowboard or sticks, or even shelves for bonds
  • Time saving: or dismantled and rebuilt in a few minutesTime is money!
  • easy to use: we must not be Hercules or a professor to work with this system.
  • favorably: 150cm to tread we hang 132 pairs of skis (200cm-system)
  • Very sturdy construction with perfect coating, also the heavy salt resists attacks
Bildergalerie: Hängewagen – mehr Komfort für den Verleih!

Special solutions

We work together to find a custom solution!


You want to use the full amount of your ski rental space, to gain space? You have corners, a bay window, or else a place in space where nothing fits in really?


Then is Paroli the right contact!

We offer customized and personalized, high-quality solutions for your success!
Both for ski's and for depot!

Bildergalerie: 3 Meter hohe Skihängewagen ohne Stabilitäts- und Qualitätsverlust!

Shoe Storage

Paroli shoe System

  • simple and stylish
  • highly variable through continuous adjustment of the shelves
  • installed conveniently and quickly
  • on railsfixed wheels
  • best powder coating - no problems with road salt
Bildergalerie: Schuhwagen

output table Paroli

Carefree work ...

... with the Paroli workplace:

  • 60x90 cm
  • Height adjustable work surface
  • if necessary, monitor holder made ​​of stainless steel
  • Place for keyboard and mouse
  • ideal for ski and board output
Bildergalerie: Ausgabetisch – nutzen Sie ihn als Werbe- oder Infofläche!

skate boot System

Paroli Ice Skate Storage –
The new system of skate-storage


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Internet: www.FeslSchlittschuhe.de

A practical, high quality and effective system for the skate-storage and this for all types of skates without damaging the skids.


  • Skate-storage dim.: H 2243 x B 500x L 2000mm, Skate-shelves special stainless steel, for about 80 pair of skates 

  • Skate-storage dim.: H2243 x B 500 x L 1500mm, Skate-shelves special stainless steel, for about 60 pair of skates

Bildergalerie: Schlittschuhwagen für alle Arten von Schlittschuhen